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New brochure: IMI – radical collaboration in action

A new brochure showcases success stories from IMI projects in infectious diseases, brain disorders, diabetes, cancer, and other areas.

Brochure coverNow that IMI has launched its last Calls for proposals, it’s a good time to look back on what IMI has achieved. A new brochure, 'IMI - radical collaboration in action', showcases some of IMI’s recent project successes, which include an approved vaccine for Ebola, insights into the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease, a new classification of diabetes, and advances on using liquid biopsies for cancer. In addition, many projects are making very practical contributions to the fight against COVID-19.

In the foreword, Executive Director Pierre Meulien describes IMI as ‘a neutral platform where the relevant actors can collaborate, co-create and accelerate the knowledge needed to advance innovation’, and a true partnering machine that is the cutting edge of 'radical collaboration'.

He concludes: 'As we move towards the end of the IMI2 programme, the added value of public-private partnerships in key areas for our societies and the economy remains as clear as ever.'

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