IMI2 – Call 10

IMI2 – Call 10 was launched on 21 December 2016 with the following topics:

  • Understanding hypoglycaemia: the underlying mechanisms and addressing clinical determinants as well as consequences for people with diabetes by combining databases from clinical trials
  • How big data could support better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for prostate cancer (part of the Big Data for Better Outcomes programme)
  • Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain (this topic includes three subtopics on patient reported outcomes; biomarkers; and chronic pelvic pain)
  • Creation of a pan-European paediatric clinical trials network
  • Biomanufacturing 2020: development of innovative high throughput analytical tools and methods to characterize cell culture fluid during development and commercial cell culture processes
  • Unlocking the solute carrier gene-family for effective new therapies (unlock SLCs)
  • Patient perspectives in medicines lifecycle
  • Personalised medicine approaches in autism spectrum disorders

More information on the topics can be found in IMI’s press release and in the Call text. Other relevant documents can be found on the IMI2 Call documents page.



The projects resulting from IMI2 – Call 10 are:

  • AIMS-2-TRIALS – Autism innovative medicine studies – 2 – trials
    factsheet | website
  • C4C – Conect4children (collaborative network for European clinical trials for children)
    factsheet | website
  • Hypo-RESOLVE – Hypoglycaemia - redefining solutions for better lives
    factsheet | website
  • iConsensus – Integrated control and sensing platform for biopharmaceutical cultivation process high-throughput development and production
    factsheet | website
  • IMI-PainCare – Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain
    factsheet | website
  • PARADIGM – Patients active in research and dialogues for an improved generation of medicines: advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes
    factsheet | website
  • PIONEER – Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment enhancement through the power of big data in Europe
    factsheet | website
  • RESOLUTE – Research empowerment on solute carriers
    factsheet | website


Call statistics

  • Proposals submitted: 36
  • Inadmissible & ineligible proposals: 0
  • Proposals recommended for funding: 8
  • Proposals not recommended for funding: 28