Open access and data management for projects

This page provides an overview of the rules and guidelines related to open access to publications and research data management that apply to IMI2 projects.

Requirements for open access to publications and useful resources

Article 29.2 of the IMI2 JU Grant Agreement details the obligations related to the provision of open access to peer-reviewed publications.

In a nutshell, you must ensure open access (free, online access for any user) to all peer-reviewed publications relating to your results.

You can find further explanations in the IMI2 JU Annotated Model Grant Agreement. We have also prepared the following guide to help steer you in this process. Our guide also contains useful information on open access repositories for publications and information on where to get help in case of further questions.

Requirements to manage research data and useful resources

IMI supports the ‘FAIR data principles’, i.e. findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. This means that research data should be:

  • identified in a persistent manner using community conventions, and described using sufficiently rich meta-data;
  • stored in such a way that they can be accessed by humans and machines;
  • structured in such a way that they can be combined with other data sets; 
  • licensed or have terms-of-use that spell out how they can be used by others.

You are requested to provide information on how you are planning to manage research data during the life cycle of your project through the Data Management Plan and, if your project belongs to Call 11 onwards, through your participation in the Open Access to Research Data Pilot (ORDP).

You can find more information on data management in our guide. The guide also provides useful information on research data registries and where to get help in case of further questions.

Useful links

The following resources prepared by the European Commission provide further guidance on open access to scientific publications and research data.