IMI2 – Call 4

IMI2 – Call 4 was launched on 17 December 2014 with the following topic:

  • Enabling platform on medicines adaptive pathways to patients

More information on the topic can be found in IMI’s press release and in the Call text. Other relevant documents, including documents for applicants, the list of expert reviewers, and the independent observers’ reports of the evaluations, can be found on the IMI2 Call documents page.



The project resulting from IMI2 – Call 4 is:

ADAPT-SMART - Accelerated development of appropriate patient therapies: a sustainable, multi-stakeholder approach from research to treatment-outcomes

factsheet | website


Call statistics

  • Proposals submitted: 3
  • Inadmissible & ineligible proposals: 0
  • Proposals recommended for funding: 1
  • Proposals not recommended for funding: 2