IMI2 - Call 14

IMI2 – Call 14 was launched on 15 March 2018 with the following topics:

  • Targeted immune intervention for the management of non-response and relapse
  • Non-invasive clinical molecular imaging of immune cells
  • Development of a platform for federated and privacy-preserving machine learning in support of drug discovery
  • Centre of excellence – remote decentralised clinical trials

More information on the topics can be found in IMI’s press release and in the Call Text. Other relevant documents can be found on the IMI2 Call documents page.


The projects resulting from IMI2 – Call 14 are:

  • Immune-Image - Specific imaging of immune cell dynamics using novel tracer strategies
    factsheet | website
  • MELLODDY - Machine learning ledger orchestration for drug discovery
    factsheet | website
  • Trials@Home - Center of excellence – remote decentralised clinical trials
    factsheet | website
  • 3TR - Identification of the molecular mechanisms of non-response to treatments, relapses and remission in autoimmune, inflammatory, and allergic conditions
    website | website

Call statistics

  • Proposals submitted: 28
  • Inadmissible & ineligible proposals: 0
  • Proposals recommended for funding: 4
  • Proposals not recommended for funding: 24