Strategic Governing Groups

The Strategic Governing Groups (SGGs) ensure the coordination of Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) work in certain strategic areas and work to make the development of new topics more transparent and effective. As such, the SGGs are made up of representatives of companies active or interested in the area covered by the scope of the SGG as well as representatives from the European Commission, the IMI Programme Office and the IMI Scientific Committee. From a legal point of view, the SGGs were created on the basis of Article 7.3.p of the legislation establishing the IMI2 programme. This allows the Governing Board to set up advisory groups where appropriate.

More information on the SGGs’ objectives, tasks and composition can be found in their charter.

SGG participants must sign a declaration of confidentiality and conflict of interest.

Currently, there are SGGs in the following areas, and more information on these groups’ missions and membership can be found below.