IMI1 – Call 3

IMI1 – Call 3 was launched on 22 October 2010 with the following topics:

  • Improving the early prediction of drug induced liver injury in man
  • Immunogenicity: assessing the clinical relevance and risk minimization of antibodies to biopharmaceuticals
  • Immunosafety of vaccines – new biomarkers associated with adverse events (early inflammation, autoimmune diseases and allergy)
  • Improving the preclinical models and tools for tuberculosis medicines research
  • Translational endpoints in autism
  • Development of personalized medicine approaches in diabetes
  • Fostering patient awareness on pharmaceutical innovation.

 More information on the topics can be found in IMI’s press release and in the Call text. Other relevant documents, including documents for applicants, the list of expert reviewers, and the independent observers’ reports of the evaluations, can be found on the IMI1 Call documents page.



The projects resulting from IMI1 – Call 3 are:

  • ABIRISK - Anti-biopharmaceutical immunization: prediction and analysis of clinical relevance to minimize the risk
    factsheet | website
  • BioVacSafe - Biomarkers for enhanced vaccine immunosafety
    factsheet | website
  • DIRECT - Diabetes research on patient stratification
    factsheet | website
  • EU-AIMS - European autism interventions - a multicentre study for developing new medications
    factsheet | website
  • EUPATI - European patients' academy on therapeutic innovation
    factsheet | website
  • MIP-DILI - Mechanism-based integrated systems for the prediction of drug-induced liver injury
  • factsheet
  • PreDiCT-TB - Model-based preclinical development of anti-tuberculosis drug combinations
    factsheet | website