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Focus on: coronavirus


IMI's fast-tracked coronavirus call was a response to a sudden disease outbreak of enormous consequence to public health, and we are proud of our ability to contribute. We can see how the emergence of COVID-19 fits into a larger context; every year, viruses jump from animals to the human population. This is well known. The scientific community needs to be ready to respond regardless of where the next virus comes from. IMI had already been finding research that better prepares the world for this new normal, but in March 2020, we leapt into action with a fast-tracked call for proposals, out of which emerged 8 research projects covering therapeutics and diagnostics. 

IMI COVID-19 projects on therapeutics and diagnostics

DECISION - Widespread testing will pave the road to recovery - as long as we can trust the results

MAD-COV-2 - ACE2 and COVID-19: studying the Achilles’ heel of the coronavirus

RAPID-COVID - SARS… or something else?

IMPENTRI - Could this cancer drug fight fluid build-up in the lungs of COVID patients?

CARE - CARE is preparing for the new normal

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