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Focus: Antimicrobial resistance 


Antimicrobial resistance is becoming one of the defining problems of our time. As bacteria become resistant to the drugs that are supposed to kill them, scientists, policy makers and the pharma industry are looking at different ways to fix the problem before it’s too late. IMI has invested heavily in AMR research.  To date, we have invested almost €800 million on 14 projects. In November, we will be taking a look at some IMI projects and the different angles from which they’re tackling the problem – from rapid diagnostics and public health policy, to permeability and prophylactic vaccines.

Focus on AMR

New antibiotics won't stop AMR. Luckily, there are other things we can try. by Pierre Meulien, IMI Director.

Why it's so hard to make new antibiotics

A very promising antibiotic just started clinical trials 

Technology, not instinct, should guide antibiotic prescribing

"AMR is an area that needs fresh ideas" - interview with Isabelle Bekeredjian Ding

What do antibiotics and fire extinguishers have in common?

New Drugs for Bad Bugs 

AMR Accelerator 



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