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Got a promising potential antibiotic? Our GNA NOW project wants to hear from you!

IMI’s GNA NOW project is looking for a novel antibiotic programme to progress to Investigational New Drug (IND). The deadline for expressions of interest is 18 June

Image by Kateryna Kon / Shutterstock.
Image by Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock


The GNA NOW project is looking for antibiotics designed to treat Gram-negative infections, such as those caused by Pseudomonas (pictured), Enterobacteriaceae and Acinetobacter.  The aim of GNA NOW is to advance the development of antibiotics designed to treat infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria. These bugs are particularly tough to treat, as they are encased in a tough outer membrane which effectively stops many antibiotics from getting into the bacteria and killing it.

Now the project has launched a call for expressions of interest for potential antibiotics with a novel mode of action designed to address severe hospital infections caused by certain drug-resistant, Gram-negative bacteria.

The successful applicant will be invited to sign partnering agreements with Evotec and the GNA NOW consortium. They will receive research resources equivalent to several million euros; access to some of Europe’s best laboratories and experts in antibiotic development; and access to the components needed to advance the development of the antibiotic so that it is ready to enter Phase I clinical trials. The team behind the antibiotic compound will keep control of the development of the project, as a member of the project’s Compound Steering Committee.

Those interested in getting involved should submit a short, non-confidential submission of interest to the project by 18 June. Expressions of interest will be reviewed by the GNA NOW Review Committee, which is made up of industry, independent and academic experts and antibiotic drug discovery and development.

The teams behind the top three expressions of interest will then be invited to submit a full dossier to the review committee.

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