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Project to team up with African manufacturer to make diagnostic tests

This project is trying out a different kind of capacity building

Video: Professor Ali Mirazimi, coordinator of  VHFMoDRAD, talks about the twinning concept and why it matters. 

Apart from hosting workshops and info sessions on the use of VHFMoDRAD's diagnostic tests, the project partners plan to identify and team up with a Senegalese producer that can make the tests themselves. 

The VHFMoDRAD project is developing lateral flow tests that can test for a number of viral haemorrhagic fevers that are common to Africa. The viral diseases it can detect include Ebola, Zika, Dengue, and Marburg fever, among others. The project itself is a continuation of another IMI project, EbolaMoDRAD, that developed a simple and safe rapid diagnostic test for Ebola only. 

In this video, Ali Mirazimi, coordinator of the project and professor and senior expert at the public health agency of Sweden, talks about the concept of twinning. 

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