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Innovative Health Initiative website goes live

The website of the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is live at Bookmark it and visit it regularly for updates on IHI's activities, including calls for proposals, as well as news on IMI's projects.

Screenshot of the IHI website
The IHI website

IHI succeeds and builds on the successes of IMI, and the Programme Office will continue to manage and communicate about IMI projects for many years to come.

For this reason, a lot of key content from the IMI website can already be found on the IHI website, most notably the project factsheets.

We have also transferred across recent news items, and from now on all new stories (including those focused on IMI projects) will only be published on the IHI website.

Further content, such as the resources for IMI projects section, will be transferred to the IHI website in the coming weeks.

Once all relevant content has been transferred, we will archive the IMI website, meaning it will still be accessible but will no longer be updated.

Social media changes

Our social media accounts have also been renamed and rebranded to reflect our transition from IMI to IHI. If you were following us as IMI, you will still be following us as IHI.

Not following us yet? Here's where to find us:

Why are we changing?

Want to know why we're changing, what's changing, and what's staying the same? Visit the 'From IMI to IHI' page of the IHI website...

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