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IMI2 – Calls 22 and 23: updated topics available and webinar registration open

Tackling cancer through artificial intelligence, antimicrobial resistance, neurodegenerative diseases, rare disease diagnosis, clinical trial data, and patient adherence are the topics proposed for IMI’s next Calls for proposals.

IMI has published updated versions of the draft texts of the topics that are slated for inclusion in IMI’s next Calls for proposals, IMI2 – Calls 22 and 23, which are scheduled for launch on 23 June 2020.

In addition, registration is now open for the webinars on the Calls; these will run from 15 to 30 June and registration is free but obligatory.

IMI2 – Call 22 is a single-stage Call for proposals designed to support research activities that will build on, and add value to, results from certain ongoing IMI2 projects.

IMI2 – Call 23 is a standard, two-stage Call for proposals with the following topics:

  • Returning clinical trial data to study participants within a GDPR compliant and approved framework
  • Modelling the impact of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on the reduction of antimicrobial resistance
    This topic is part of IMI’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Accelerator programme.
  • A platform for accelerating biomarker discovery and validation to support therapeutics development for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Optimal treatment for patients with solid tumours in Europe through artificial intelligence
  • Shortening the path to rare disease diagnosis by using new born genetic screening and digital technologies
  • Behavioural model of factors affecting patient adherence

The draft topics have been sent to the Governing Board for approval. The final versions of the topic texts, as well as details of how to apply, will be published at Call launch.

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Important note

All information regarding future IMI Call topics is indicative and subject to change. Final information about future IMI Calls will be communicated after approval by the IMI Governing Board.

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