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Focus on: Associated Partners

Image by Alphavector via Shutterstock
Image by Alphavector via Shutterstock


IMI set up the Associated Partner mechanism to supercharge our collaborative potential. These partners bring specific expertise that has been invaluable in the development of the new ecosystem for health research, linking IMI to their own networks and international initiatives that might otherwise be out of reach. Associated Partners are heterogeneous and get involved in different ways, and the programme, which started as a kind of experiment, has ultimately proved highly successful.

The Innovative Health Initiative will put forward another €200 million envelope dedicated to partners, and though we don’t know exactly yet what form it will take, we know that it will open even more new opportunities for others to join, again increasing the stakeholder base of the network and pooling even more collaborative power.

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Partnerships are key to accelerating innovation - IMI Executive Director Pierre Meulien 

“The scale of the funding enables real impact” - The Children's Tumor Foundation's Annette Bakker 

“The IMI model aligns with our way of working” - TB Alliance's Ana Maria Harkin

“Collaborative efforts are invaluable for advancing autism science” -  SFARI's Paul Wang 

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