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Contribute to the research agenda of the new health PPP

Have your say on the strategic research agenda for a public-private partnership for health innovation under Horizon Europe.

Industry associations representing Europe’s pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technologies industries have launched a consultation on a strategic agenda for health innovation. The agenda, which was created jointly by COCIR, EFPIA, MedTech Europe, EuropaBio and Vaccines Europe, falls under the framework of the European Health Innovation Public-Private Partnership (PPP) under Horizon Europe.

In a statement, the organisations write: ‘Today, the private sector is interested to invest in a new health public-private partnership and would like invite citizens, patients, health and research communities, national authorities, academia and scientific societies to provide their input to make sure that this strategic agenda: aligns with the needs of European health and research communities; is both ambitious and feasible; is clearly complementary with other European and national initiatives.’

The draft research agenda is structured around five areas of action:

  • Area of action 1: Harness advances in and synergies in genetics, biology and technology innovations for less invasive, more precise and effective prevention & diagnosis, treatment and care
  • Area of action 2: Develop patient-centric integrated care solutions along the healthcare continuum
  • Area of action 3: Apply ‘big data’ and advanced analytics/artificial intelligence to enable research, development and new products and services to support integrated healthcare approaches
  • Area of action 4: Engaging citizens and patients to manage and improve their health
  • Area of action 5: Reinforce value initiatives to guide investment and rewarding of innovation in health and social care

The deadline for contributions is 24 November.

A webinar will be held on 4 November to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to learn more about the proposed partnership and ask questions.

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Respond to the consultation

  • The draft strategic research agenda, details of how to respond to the consultation and a registration link for the webinar can all be found at

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