IMI Stakeholder Forum 2016

Start Date 28/09/2016 End Date 29/09/2016

Every year, the IMI Stakeholder Forum gathers IMI’s stakeholders in health and medicines R&D and provides them with an opportunity to learn about and discuss IMI's latest activities and plans. The IMI Stakeholder Forum 2016 took place on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 September in Brussels, Belgium.

The 2016 edition of the event ran over two days. Day 1 focused on IMI's future Calls for proposals. Day 2 was dedicated to parallel consultative workshops on strategic research areas, bringing together IMI stakeholders to shape the future of IMI’s programme in four key areas: advanced therapies, preparedness for emerging diseases, digital health, and oncology.

Session recordings & photos

All Stakeholder Forum sessions were recorded. The entire event can be watched online via IMI's YouTube channel. Links to individual presentations and discussions are given below, along with the powerpoint presentations.

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IMI's future Calls

Download the agenda of day 1of the IMI Stakeholder Forum.

Presentations and recordings


Advanced therapies

New treatment approaches for diseases with high-unmet medical need include medicinal products based on genetic engineering, innovative cell-based therapies and tissue-engineered products. In the EU, these new therapies are commonly known as advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). There are numerous factors that have complicated the translation from research into patient access. IMI, in collaboration with key stakeholders, has run consultation exercises on advanced therapies with the goal to identify the potential of IMI as a platform for enhancing ATMP research and development. The goal of this workshop was to assess the input collected in previous consultations, and draw conclusions to inform the development of an IMI ATMP portfolio of projects that could be launched from 2017 onwards.

Presentations and recordings

  • Introduction to advanced therapies | Alain Fischer, Collège de France; Paris Public Hospitals Group (AP-HP); Imagine Institute – presentationvideo
  • Broad overview of the outcomes of the consultation | Pierre Meulien, IMI – presentationvideo
  • Discussion: the scientific challenges – pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing – video
  • Discussion: the regulatory and market access challenges – video
  • Presentation of IMI topic ideas and feedback from stakeholders – presentation– videos: Magda PapadakiWilfried DalemansLuc Kupers
  • Final Q&A – video


Preparedness for emerging diseases

Recent epidemics of existing and new diseases have emerged in different regions of the world, including not only the Ebola and Zika viruses, but also the Dengue fever in Southern Europe and the Yellow fever outbreak in Angola. The patterns of these phenomena are linked to a complex variety of factors, including climate change trends, vaccine supplies and uptake, and geopolitical challenges. A number of organisations have a role to play in tackling such public health emergencies. IMI is among these. But while programmes like IMI cannot fully respond to all of these issues, a public-private partnership could offer the advantages, flexibility and complementary assets to make a difference. The goal of this consultative workshop was to gather input from stakeholders involved in public health emergencies in order to ascertain whether a public-private supported platform could play a role, and if so – how, in selecting rapid approaches to treatment and intervention options. This consultation workshop was jointly organised by IMI, the European Commission and EFPIA. 

  • Download the agendaof the workshop on preparedness for emerging diseases.

Presentations and recordings

  • Threats and risks at global level | Marie-Paule Kieny, World Health Organization (WHO) – presentationvideo
  • Current and Future Threats for Europe | Piotr Kramarz, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) – presentationvideo
  • The European Commission: current research and innovation strategy and actions | Line Matthiessen, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission – presentationvideo
  • Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) | John-Arne Røttingen, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; CEPI  – presentationvideo
  • Setting the scene - questions & answers - video
  • The role of diagnostics in biopreparedness | Mark Miller, BioMérieux  – presentationvideo
  • COMPARE - A global platform for the sequence-based rapid identification of pathogens | Frank Møller Aarestrup, Technical University of Denmark; COMPARE project – presentationvideo
  • Panel discussion: early detection and diagnostics – video
  • Perspectives on anti-infective therapeutic agents as part of a biopreparedness strategy | Kenny Simmen, Janssen Infectious Diseases & Vaccines – presentationvideo
  • The industry perspective on vaccines: the way forward | Jean Lang, Sanofi Pasteur – presentationvideo
  • EDCTP perspective on biopreparedness and related capacity development in Africa | Michael Makanga, European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) – presentationvideo
  • Panel discussion: capacity and facilitating opportunities for vaccines and drug development – video
  • Marco Cavaleri, European Medicines Agency (EMA) – presentationvideo
  • Discussion: How can public and private players help? What role for public-private partnerships? – video


Digital Health

IMI has been focusing on digital health through its RADAR-CNS and WEB-RADR projects. This workshop aimed to review what IMI has done in the digital area; what other partnerships such as the ECSEL Joint Undertaking are working on; discuss the use of digital technologies in medicines R&D; identify what patients, doctors, regulators, payers and HTA bodies expect from digital technologies; and assess what IMI could do to bridge any gaps in digital health research.

Download the agendaof the digital health workshop

Presentations and recordings

  • Digitalisation of the medicines lifecycle: challenges and opportunities | Anthony Rowe, Janssen – presentationvideo
  • IMI WEB-RADR project | Nabarun Dasgupta, Epidemico – presentationvideo
  • IMI RADAR-CNS project | Matthew Hotopf, UK’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) – presentationvideo
  • ECSEL Joint Undertaking | Bert De Colvenaer, ECSEL Joint Undertaking – presentationvideo
  • Panel discussion: state of the art and future outlook for digital technologies in medicines R&D – video
  • Connecting the dots – can we collaborate better on digital health? | Andrzej Rys, DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission – presentationvideo
  • Discussion: what do the pharmaceutical industry, regulators and HTA bodies expect from digital technologies? – video
  • Panel discussion: what do patients, carers and doctors expect from digital technologies? – video
  • Concluding discussions: take-home ideas for potential IMI projects & how to include relevant stakeholders – video



This workshop was organised with the IMI Strategic Governing Group (SGG) Oncology, in order to better understand the current gaps in oncology research; to assess whether an IMI project would be considered the appropriate tool to address any of these gaps; to discuss, if an IMI Call was to focus on this topic, what would be the most appropriate and effective Call process and project strategies. 

  • Download the agendaof the oncology workshop.

Presentations and recordings

  • An oncology strategy for IMI | Stefan J. Scherer, Novartis; IMI Strategic Governing Group (SGG) Oncology – presentationvideo
  • Cancer patients need innovation | David Cameron, University of Edinburgh – presentationvideo
  • Slaying the cancer demons | Denis Lacombe, EORTC – presentationvideo
  • Cancer Core Europe | Alexander Eggermont, Gustave Roussy – presentation
  • The next wave of innovations in oncology research | Raju Kucherlapati, Harvard Medical School – presentationvideo
  • Regulatory aspects | Francesco Pignatti, European Medicines Agency (EMA) – presentationvideo
  • EU efforts in cancer research: towards personalised medicine | Maria Vidal Ragout, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission – presentationvideo
  • Real World Data is the Future of Medical Evidence | Gabriel Eichler, GNS Healthcare – presentationvideo
  • Panel debate: what should IMI keep in mind when designing a PPP oncology programme – video


  • Presented by Stefan J. Scherer, Novartis; IMI Strategic Governing Group (SGG) Oncology – presentationvideo

Conclusions of the IMI Stakeholder Forum 2016

  • IMI Stakeholder Forum Conclusions | Maria Beatriz Da Silva Lima, Lisbon University, Chair of the IMI Scientific Committee – video