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New brochure: Carrying the torch for medical innovation


Carrying%20the%20torch.JPGOur projects are delivering, and they are delivering where it matters. In our new 'Carrying the torch for medical innovation' brochure, we explain some of the impact and outputs of our projects. Highlights include:

  • By providing a unique model of collaboration, IMI projects are laying the foundations that are helping researchers across Europe, including many in SMEs, to advance their drug development programmes. These new, open partnerships enable the IMI-funded consortia to cover the entire value chain and contribute to more rapidly bringing new products or treatments to market for the benefit of patient populations.
  • IMI projects have contributed to novel scientific insights that have managed to move the field forward and are already influencing decision-making in companies and other research organisations.
  • Many IMI projects are delivering resources for drug discovery. These include online platforms that allow scientists to rapidly access diverse data sources with just a few clicks; physical facilities that allow researchers to identify and further develop potential drugs; and clinical networks that are facilitating the conduct of clinical studies and clinical trials. A lot of these resources are easily accessible to the wider scientific community.
  • Some 33% of projects have already created new businesses or improved the performance of existing businesses as a result of IMI project participation.

Interested in learning more? Read the 'Carrying the torch for medical innovation' brochure.