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Introducing the new IMI logo


The launch in 2014 of the IMI 2 programme marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the IMI story, and it is in this spirit that we decided the time had come to freshen up the IMI logo and our broader corporate and visual identity.

Yes, we’ve kept the IMI green!

IMIlogo2014.jpgWhen talking about our work on the logo, the first thing most people asked was: ‘But are you keeping the green?’ The answer is yes, we have kept the green, and the blue. In fact the new logo is simply a tidier version of the old one. The lettering is bigger, to make it more visible. We’ve also completed the loop round the 'IMI'. A lot of people feel this reflects the fact that under IMI 2, we’re bringing more groups into the IMI family, as companies outside the pharmaceutical sector (e.g. in diagnostics, animal health, and imaging) are now able to contribute to IMI projects and see their contribution matched by EU funding.

More broadly, we now have new guidelines and templates to ensure our communications products have a common ‘look and feel’. Over the coming months, you’ll see the new logo and look spreading as we phase it in throughout our website, documents, presentations, and other communication products. The new logo and look were designed based on input from IMI staff, as well as representatives from our founding members, the European Commission and EFPIA.

Find out more about the new IMI visual identity

  • Download the visual identity guide
  • For additional information, contact the IMI communication team via infodesk[AT]

What else is changing at IMI?

IMI has never stood still! Since the launch of our very first Call for proposals back in 2008, IMI has grown and evolved in response to the fast-changing world of medicines development. Our early projects focused very much on the earlier stages of drug development. Today we have projects covering the whole spectrum of drug development, from studying the underlying cause of diseases and identifying potential drugs and drug targets, through testing potential drugs for safety and efficacy and rethinking clinical trial design, to monitoring the benefits and risks of medicines and vaccines once they are in use in the general public.

In July, we were proud to be able to launch the IMI 2 programme, marking the start of a new chapter in the IMI story. Under the IMI 2 programme, we will retain our strong focus on addressing the needs of patients and society, especially in areas where there are currently no effective treatments. To ensure we cover the most important areas, our Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is aligned with the 2013 update of World Health Organization report on Priority Medicines for Europe and the World.

While we will continue to work on all stages of drug development, IMI 2 will also see us place a stronger emphasis on what happens after a drug is developed, namely the approval processes that need to be completed before a drug actually makes it to patients. We will also devote a lot of effort to personalised medicine – it’s not for nothing that our SRA is entitled ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’. Finally, we will also tackle health management (including disease prevention) in the future.

On the funding side, our rules benefit from the simplifications introduced under the rest of Horizon 2020, making participation in IMI projects more attractive financially.

This is an exciting time for IMI. With our new programme and a fresh logo, we’re ready to take our work to the next level while remaining focused on the group of people who will ultimately benefit most from our work: patients.