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IMI welcomes proposal to launch Innovative Health Initiative


The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) welcomes the proposal to launch a new public-private partnership (PPP) for health under Horizon Europe, and hopes that the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) will build on the successes and lessons learnt from IMI.

Aerial shot of people on a pedestrian crossing. Image by Varavin88 via Shutterstock
IHI will contribute to a holistic, people-centred model of healthcare.
Image by Varavin88 via Shutterstock

Since the launch of the IMI1 programme in 2008, IMI has consistently demonstrated the feasibility of creating productive partnerships across the public and private ecosystems. Under IMI, we have also expanded our reach beyond the pharmaceutical sector, launching projects driven by the diagnostics and medical technology industries.

We are therefore delighted that IHI is set to be a true cross-sectoral partnership involving COCIR, EFPIA, EuropaBio, Medtech Europe and Vaccines Europe as full partners.

Their input, combined with the support of the European Commission, will allow IHI to focus on preventive strategies as well as early diagnostics, treatments and care, in order to contribute to a holistic, citizen-centric model of health care that is fit for purpose.

‘Part of IMI’s added value lies in our ability to act as a neutral platform where all the stakeholders involved in health research and health care, including patients, smaller companies and regulators, can come together to collaborate on major challenges,’ said IMI Executive Director Pierre Meulien. ‘IHI will keep this ‘neutral platform’ approach, and we are confident that this will ensure that IHI makes a meaningful contribution to achieving the goals of Horizon Europe, including the cancer mission, while also strengthening the European Research Area (ERA).’

Looking to the future, we hope that the new partnership will build on what has worked well in IMI, learn from the difficulties we have faced, and most importantly, continue to deliver high quality, impactful results that will advance research and ultimately, improve patients’ lives.

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