Patient centricity: what is it and how to make it meaningful? | Roundtable discussion at DIA EuroMeeting

Start Date 29/03/2017
Glasgow, UK

IMI teamed up with the DIA (Drug Information Association) to organise a roundtable discussion entitled 'Patient centricity: What is it and how can we make it meaningful?' on 29 March 2017 during the 29th DIA Annual Euromeeting in Glasgow, UK.

Patient centricity has never been so much in the spotlight. Patient insights and patient data play an increasingly established role in the valuation of healthcare offerings once a drug is on the market, but the role and value of an enhanced patient voice during R&D, in particular during clinical development, is yet to be established.

The session, which attracted around 100 participants, focused on patient engagement during research & clinical development. Panellists presented case studies, lessons learned and examples of best practices.

The discussion aimed to demonstrate the value of patient involvement in medicines R&D, and  addressed the following questions and issues:

  • What does patient centricity mean to different stakeholders?
  • Why do we need patients to be engaged at an early stage of medicines development? What are the lessons learned from existing cases?
  • What are the challenges in early patient involvement?
  • How should patients be engaged for the impact to be real and meaningful?


  • Magda Chlebus, Director Science Policy, EFPIA
  • Juan García-Burgos, Head of Public Engagement (Ad Interim), European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • Magda Gunn, Scientific Project Manager, Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
  • Florian Klett, EUPATI Fellow
  • Debra Michaels, Senior Scientist, DIA
  • Kay Warner, Patient Engagement Lead, Patients in Partnership, Global Franchise Executive Management, GSK

More information

For more information about the DIA EuroMeeting, please visit the DIA website

To find out more about patient involvement in IMI, please visit the section on our website dedicated to IMI's partnership with patients.