IMI Stakeholder Forum 2015

Start Date 15/06/2015

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The IMI Stakeholder Forum 2015 took place on Monday 15 June at the Hotel Crown Plaza - Le Palace in Brussels, Belgium. Download the agenda

Every year, the IMI Stakeholder Forum gathers IMI’s stakeholders in health and medicines R&D and provides them with an opportunity to learn about and discuss IMI's latest activities and plans. This year's Stakeholder Forum included the following sessions:

Session 1 - How far have we come?

IMI was set up to deliver breakthroughs on some of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical R&D. Six years in, this session portrayed three early IMI projects and focused on how the IMI collaboration changed their research and delivered results and their impact for patients and society as well as for researchers in industry and academia.
Presentation - Mike Hardman, IMI EMTRAIN project

Presentation - Dimitrios Tzalis, IMI European Lead Factory project
Presentation - Ferran Sanz, IMI eTOX project
Watch the video from the morning plenary session 

Session 2 - Where are we now with IMI2?

IMI2 was launched in mid-2014 with new, more ambitious objectives, a new research agenda and new rules. This session put a spotlight on IMI2 and the opportunities offered by its new legislation by providing an outlook on IMI2 and its new features and objectives, while opening a discussion on the opportunities IMI2 brings to different stakeholder groups.
Download the presentation by the European Commission 
Download the presentation by EFPIA 
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Session 3 - What are the next big things in biomedical R&D and how will they impact on IMI?

The closing session of the IMI Stakeholder Forum 2015 was structured in three parallel breakout sessions, focusing on the IMI2 objectives and how these can be achieved by harnessing some of the biggest trends in medicines and healthcare research: namely the development of advanced therapies, and better health outcomes through big data. A third session was centred on optimising IMI as a funding mechanism for biomedical research

Session 3A │Advanced therapies: from treatment to cure & prevention
Advanced therapies based on genes, cells and tissues promise revolutionary treatments for a number of diseases and injuries. They have huge potential for patients and industry. This session brought together policy-makers and stakeholders to open a discussion on how IMI could help speed up biomedical R&D in this field and deliver faster cures and to patients.
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Session 3B│Enabling technologies: better health outcomes through big data
This session served as a broader consultation on a proposed IMI programme on ‘better health outcomes through big data’. The programme is outlined in this consultation paper 
Download the presentation & watch the video from this session 

Session C │Optimising IMI’s funding schemes 
This goal of this session was to provide potential applicants and all other interested participants with information about IMI and its Calls for proposals. It is also aimed at gathering feedback from applicants’ experience and ideas for optimising the design of IMI Calls for proposals, as well as any other collaborative and networking opportunities. 
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Closing session

This session features feedback from rapporteurs of parallel sessions and a summary and conclusions part. 
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