C-Path and IMI 2nd Annual Meeting

Start Date 03/12/2014

On Wednesday 3 December 2014, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and the Critical Path Institute (C-Path) held their second joint meeting in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The theme of the event was 'Accelerating the development of drugs, diagnostics, and devices: partnerships to expand the precompetitive space'.

With the number of collaborations between industry, regulatory agencies, academia and patient groups on the rise, there is growing interest in the role that public-private partnerships (PPPs) play in delivering innovative tools and methodologies for medical product development. This second public conference co-sponsored by IMI and C-Path featured cross-sector participants discussing challenges and opportunities in the rapidly-evolving PPP space.

The objective was to identify mechanisms for assessing the productivity of PPPs, enhancing effectiveness of PPPs, coordinating individual PPP efforts to avoid duplication, and adopting best practices on data sharing and other cross-cutting issues in order to streamline medical product development world-wide.

The opening session discussed how to measure the output of partnerships set up to advance regulatory science and leverage global biopharmaceutical development. The second session reviewed how two well-established PPPs working on safety biomarkers (C-Path's PSTC project & IMI's SAFE-T project), have collaborated to deliver results. The final session of the day focused on maximising the value of data shared by multiple organisations, from best methods to success stories and more.

Agenda and presentations

  • Session 1: Partnerships to Advance Regulatory Science and Leverage Global Biopharmaceutical Development
    Co-chairs:  Martha Brumfield and Michel Goldman
  • Session 2:  Safety Biomarkers:  PSTC and SAFE-T Collaboration
    Co-Chairs:  John-Michael Sauer and Michael Merz
  • Session 3:  Maximizing the value of data shared by multiple organizations
    Co-Chairs: Enrique Avilés and Ann Martin

Recordings of the sessions can be viewed via the C-Path event page

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