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Future Topics

New! IMI has launched a fast-track call for proposals to accelerate the development of vaccines and treatments against Ebola and other filoviral haemorrhagic fevers. More information is available on the Call 2 page

Other Calls for proposals in 2014

The following topics are under consideration for launch as part of further Calls for proposals in 2014. For more information, consult the indicative topic text

Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)

  • Remote assessment for disease and relapse (RADAR), topic 1: central nervous system (CNS)
  • Assessing risk and progression of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes to enable disease modification
  • Linking clinical neuropsychiatry and quantitative neurobiology
  • The consistency approach to quality control in vaccine manufacture
  • Pertussis vaccination research
  • Knowledge Repository to enable patient focused medicine development

Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

  • Enabling platform on medicines adaptive pathway to patients

All information regarding future IMI Call topics is indicative and subject to change. Final information about the IMI’s future Calls will be communicated after approval by the IMI Governing Board.