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This page introduces the process through which IMI Call topics are generated and explains how you can submit ideas for new IMI Call topics. If you are interested in submitting an idea for a new topic, we advise you to read this page before filling in the idea submission form.

How IMI works: from research agenda to Call topic

The strategic direction and overall objectives for the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) are outlined in the legislation establishing IMI, and in its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA incorporates input from EFPIA, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and Vaccines Europe, as well as over 80 other stakeholder organisations including academia, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies from various health care sectors, research organisations, learned societies, patient groups, and regulatory agencies.

Every year, IMI's Strategic Governing Groups (SGGs) and EFPIA's IMI Strategy Group (InnoMedS) set out annual research priorities within the scope of the SRA. These priorities form part of IMI's Annual Work Plan, which is approved by the IMI Governing Board and published online. These annual priorities are based on the need for collaboration in complex areas of biomedical research and innovation, and are a result of consultations between EFPIA companies and the other stakeholders, including the European Commission.

Drawing on the annual priorities, a consortium of EFPIA companies and, in some cases, other large companies or organisations active in health research, agree on the need to work together and with other stakeholders on a specific issue. Some ideas for projects may also come from external third parties. The SGGs and InnoMedS review these ideas against the scope of the SRA and IMI priorities and may agree to further develop an idea into a proposal of a future the IMI Call topic text.

Once a topic text is drafted, it undergoes consultation with various groups (including IMI's Scientific Committee and States Representatives Group), after which the Call text is sent to the IMI Governing Board for approval. Following the Governing Board's green light, IMI launches a Call for proposals on its website and the European Commission's Participant Portal.

Get involved – submit your idea for an IMI project

IMI welcomes ideas for new IMI projects from external organisations. When submitting an idea, remember to:

  • clearly underline how your idea can help to advance IMI's objectives;
  • explain why a public-private partnership like IMI is needed to address the challenge.

How can I submit my idea?

Your suggestions for scientific ideas must be submitted through an online form available here.

When can I submit an idea?

You can submit your ideas at any time. There are no specific cut off dates as IMI2 ideas and topics are generated continuously and published when ready (at least two times per year). We nevertheless invite you to review the IMI website regularly as SGGs may call for ideas in specific scientific areas.

What happens after submission?

All ideas submitted will be reviewed. If supported by the SGGs or InnoMedS, the idea may be developed and incorporated into an IMI2 topic to be launched as part of a competitive Call for proposals. 

For the purposes of transparency and to encourage debate, all contributions received will be published on the IMI website along with the name, organisation and country of the submitter, unless respondents indicate their opposition to the publication of their contribution in the online submission form.

Personal data will be treated according to Regulation (EC) No 45/2001. Questions related to personal data should be addressed by email to

You will be provided with feedback (in principle within three months) with an indication of the relevance of your idea for IMI2. As there is no guarantee that a proposal will develop into an IMI2 topic, you are also free to pursue alternative funding options in parallel or later.

If my idea is turned into a Call topic, can I also be part of the IMI consortium?

In practice, most external ideas taken on board by IMI are more likely to form just one component/aspect of a future topic. In any case, it is important to understand that if your idea is adopted and ultimately used in an IMI Call topic, and you want to be involved in the project, you have two options.

  1. Apply for funding as part of a consortium like any other organisation. Your proposal in response to a topic inspired by or including your idea would therefore be reviewed alongside all other eligible proposals by independent experts through IMI's open, competitive Call process.
    Note that not all organisations are eligible to receive IMI funding. Details of funding eligibility rules are explained in each Call text and applicants are advised to read these carefully.
    To receive the latest information on current and future IMI Calls for proposals, visit our website regularly, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter: @IMI_JU.
  2. Contribute in kind. This will involve becoming an IMI Associated Partner.

For further details on the different ways to participate in IMI projects, visit the 'get involved' page of the IMI website.


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