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IMI statement on the evaluations of IMI1 and IMI2


Brussels, 9 October 2017

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) welcomes the two evaluation reports published today – the final review of the IMI1 programme, and the mid-term review of IMI2.

We are pleased to see that the experts conclude that IMI programme ‘remains relevant and justified’ and that ‘positive contributions on the drug development process have been realised’. Positive points recognised in the reports include:

  • our role in the creation of collaborative research networks that have enhanced trust between partners from different sectors, and triggered a mind shift as partners came to understand each other’s needs;
  • the quality of the research emerging from IMI projects;
  • the creation of important resources and tools for drug development, some of which are already being used by researchers in their daily work.

The reports also note that 90% of the people who responded to the online survey agreed that the EU should cooperate with industry in the context of a public-private partnership on health.

The reports include valuable recommendations that will help us to further improve our performance in the coming years. We recognise these issues and have already started putting in place systems to address them. For example, we are now close to finalising our updated key performance indicators. We have also developed a strategy to attract more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to IMI. We are also putting greater efforts into identifying our projects’ most important outputs and communicating on them to a wider audience.

We are now working closely with the Governing Board to put in place an action plan that will ensure we respond to the expert evaluators’ recommendations.

Ref: IMI2/OUT/2017-02831