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You can now find out your risk of picking up a drug-resistance bug on your travels

COMBACTE-MAGNET has launched an online tool that allows healthcare professionals and travellers to assess the risk of acquiring antimicrobial-resistant bacteria while on the move

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) project COMBACTE-MAGNET has launched a new, freely-accessible online tool that allows healthcare professionals and the public to assess the risk of international travellers acquiring (and spreading) antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Travel plays a major role in the spread of AMR, and the new AMR Travel Tool will make it easier for healthcare professionals to evaluate patients’ travel history and associated AMR risk factors. The healthcare professional’s section of the website highlights differences in resistance levels between the travel destination and the host country, for example.

Meanwhile, travellers can enter their travel destination and receive general advice on infection control as well as pathogen-specific advice on the infection risks related to their destination (and tips on how to avoid them).

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The AMR Travel Tool


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