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Focus on: vaccines

Image by Jacob Lund via Shutterstock
Image by Jacob Lund via Shutterstock


Over the past 12 months, the world has been laser-focussed on the topics of vaccine technology development, immunology and the practicalities of immunisation campaigns.  IMI has funded a number of projects since its inception that have been helping move the science forward in all three domains. 

Development, testing, and manufacturing of new vaccine technologies, along with generating data on safety and protection, are areas in which the pharma industry has been keen to collaborate. The Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is based on a novel vaccine technology platform that was first tested as part of IMI's broad-reaching Ebola+ programme, while the ZAPI project created a new platform technology that is ready to produce vaccines and monoclonal antibodies to counter emerging or remerging virus outbreaks within months of the first case. 

A newer project called VITAL wants to know how infectious diseases in ageing populations will have an effect on mortality, morbidity, quality of life, frailty and cost to the public purse,  and their findings will be used to provide evidence-based knowledge on the best vaccination strategies for healthier ageing. Find out more about IMI's vaccine efforts below. 


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