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Focus on: autoimmune diseases


While we might have some success in treating the symptoms of autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome, we are largely in the dark as to why treatments work for some and not for others, as well as what triggers the disease in the first place. Therapies that are considered successful are often only successful for a minority of people with the same symptoms. And with millions of sufferers around the EU, these unsolved mysteries are putting a massive burden on our health systems.

During the month of June we took a look at some of our autoimmune disease research projects. One of things that IMI is particularly proud of is the progress we’ve made in the reclassification of subtypes of disease, and that is the basis of a number of these research projects.  We know that the painstaking work of these researchers is contributing bit by bit to unravelling the molecular mysteries underlying these diseases, bringing us closer to initiating clinical trials for new drugs that will lift the heavy personal toll that these diseases place on patients. 


Unravelling the enigma of autoimmune disorders - by Pierre Meulien, IMI Director

New tools to help identify potential targets in autoimmune diseases

Proposed 'clustering' of patients offers hope for better understanding of autoimmune diseases

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