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Europe’s research and innovation partnerships: Innovation in action!

Europe’s research partnerships are delivering cutting-edge research and innovation and achieving great things together. These are the key messages of a new brochure entitled ‘Innovation In Action’, which was jointly produced by eight joint undertakings (JUs).

The brochure also highlights the mission-oriented nature of the JUs, as well as the ways in which they contribute to the EU’s competitiveness as well as key European policies such as the European Green Deal and Digital Europe.

Meet the partnerships

Cover of the brochure 'Innovation in action'The brochure showcases the work of eight JUs, which were set up as public-private partnerships to drive innovation in key sectors and rapidly tackle urgent societal challenges. Today, these partnerships are delivering results that are both scientifically excellent and have practical applications in areas that are vital to Europe’s economy, society and wellbeing, namely health, energy, digitalisation, transport, green technologies, and the circular bio-based economies.

  • IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) – Europe’s partnership for health
  • BBI JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking) – Launching the circular bio-based economy
  • Clean Sky 2 – En route to climate-neutral aviation
  • ECSEL JU (Electronic Components and Systems) – The fine art of shaping digital innovation together
  • F4E (Fusion for Energy) – Bringing the power of the sun to Earth – abundant, safe, sustainable energy for the future
  • FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) – Clean hydrogen for Europe
  • SESAR (SESAR Joint Undertaking) – Digital transformation of Europe’s aviation infrastructure
  • S2R JU (Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking) – Making rail the backbone of future climate-neutral mobility and transport in Europe

‘These partnerships are world class and have been developed on a scale that is the envy of the world,’ says IMI Executive Director Pierre Meulien. ‘Developing partnerships on this scale is highly challenging, but the rewards when you get it right are immense and can make a real difference to people’s lives, as this new brochure shows.’

Delivering results in diverse sectors

Practical examples of the IMI project achievements include:

  • an Ebola vaccine regimen, approved for use by the European Commission;
  • hospital and laboratory networks for running clinical trials of antibiotics;
  • a new classification of diabetes;
  • new insights into the roles of different genes in Alzheimer’s disease;
  • big data tools that allow scientists to gain new insights from existing health data, while protecting patient privacy.

The other JUs are also delivering exciting results in diverse areas.

Infographic - the JUs in numbers

  • Collection and recycling systems that turn used nappies into profitable new materials, such as organic fertilisers or packing films (BBI JU project EMBRACED).
  • Progress towards a 100% European-built, sustainable, quiet and efficient engine for use with smaller aircraft (up to 19 passengers) (Clean Sky TechTP Demonstrator).
  • More energy efficient electronics thanks to new sensors, microprocessors and application designs (ECSEL JU project OCEAN12).
  • ‘First-of-a-kind’ technology systems and standards helping Europe to maintain its leadership position in fusion research (ITER – the international project to which Europe contributes through F4E).
  • Showcasing the role of hydrogen in sectorial integration (FCH JU Hydrogen Valley projects).
  • Research on the safe and secure integration of drones into the airspace (SESAR).
  • Technological concepts for the next generation of trains that will make them quieter and longer-lasting (Shift2Rail project RUN2RAIL).

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