National Info Days on IMI 2

Start Date 13/01/2015 End Date 23/06/2015

Members of IMI’s States Representatives Group and other groups, such as National Contact Points and pharmaceutical industry associations, regularly organise national and local information sessions on IMI. Events typically include an overview of IMI 2’s funding and intellectual property (IP) rules, tips on applying for funding under IMI 2, and information on the latest IMI 2 Call topics.

  • Germany - 23 June - IMI webinar online. More info
  • Spain - 22 June - IMI info day in Madrid. More info
  • Greece - 17 May - Info day in Athens on EU funding opportunities for the Greek pharma sector. More info
  • Czech Republic - 30 April - Info day on IMI in Prague. More info
  • Cyprus  - 27 February - Info day on IMI in Nicosia
  • France - 16 January - Info day on IMI in Marseille. More info
  • Spain - 13 January - Info day on IMI in Barcelona. More info

Further info days in other countries are also planned. Once details are confirmed, the information will be added here.

Members of the SRG can also provide applicants with advice and help them find project partners.