The Innovative Medicines Initiative – Putting Policy into Practice

Start Date 11/10/2012

People from all over Europe headed to Cyprus to take part in IMI's symposium on open innovation, which took place in Larnaca, Cyprus on the afternoon of Thursday 11 October.

Entitled IMI - Putting Policy into Practice, the event demonstrated how IMI projects are applying open innovation to speed up the delivery of results that will make a real difference to the lives of patients, especially those with diseases and conditions that are hard to treat. The second part of the symposium was devoted to a debate on biomedical public private partnership planned for launch under Horizon 2020

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About the Innova Health event

The IMI event set the stage for the Open Innovation For Health: A Strategy for 2020 (‘Innova Health’) conference, which ran from 11-13 October and was organised by the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The case of IMI was widely discussed at Innova Health, which was focused on the use of an open innovation approach in the areas of health research and healthcare systems. The event brought together scientific, industrial, political and societal stakeholders to discuss the issues, with a focus on key areas such as personalised medicine, preventive health and wellness, eHealth, education and training, nutrition, and the creation of an open innovation ecosystem for healthcare. The outcomes of the conference will contribute to the wider Innova Health project, which is developing a strategy for open innovation in health.