IMI impact on diabetes - Event

Start Date 08/06/2021 End Date 08/06/2021
Online, Virtual Event

About this event

IMI has a strong diabetes project portfolio, covering T1,  T2 and diabetes complications, with several projects addressing different aspects of those diseases. Some are studying the underlying causes of the disease and the internal processes that lead to the destruction of the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, in order to develop treatments. Others aim to detect clues as to how the disease will progress in different patients. Finally, many projects focus on detecting, preventing and treating the complications associated with diabetes.


This event is part of  a series of  live sessions that IMI is organising on IMI Impacts, where key actors will explore the key challenges in their respective fields and demonstrate how IMI contributed. During these sessions, we will also share patients’ testimonies, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries of IMI’s funded research.

Furthermore, we hope to engage IMI stakeholders in a broader discussion on IMI’s impact and ask them for their active participation in these live events. With this initiative, we aim to demonstrate the successful IMI model of radical collaboration.


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Draft agenda



Welcome and introduction

by Magda Gunn, Scientific Project Manager, IMI


Life with diabetes - patient testimonies 


Veerle Vanhuyse, Communication Representative, INNODIA
Ken Tait, International diabetes advocate


Highlights from IMI diabetes portfolio – paving the way for precision medicine and disease modifying therapies


Chantal Mathieu, Chair Endocrinology, University of Leuven

Leif Groop, Lund University


Q&A Time



Closing remarks

by Magda Gunn, Scientific Project Manager, IMI


Meet the speakers


Speaker pic_Veerle Vanhuyse Speaker pic_Ken Tait Speaker pic_Chantal Mathieu Speaker pic_Leif Groop

Veerle Vanhuyse

Communication Representative

Ken Tait

International diabetes advocate

Chantal Mathieu

Chair Endocrinology

University of Leuven  


Leif Groop

Lund University



Moderated by:

Speaker pic_Magda Gunn

Magda Gunn

Scientific Project Manager, IMI