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Start Date 15/06/2021 End Date 15/06/2021
Online, Virtual Event

About this event


IMI has over 20 projects in this area accounting for around 10 % of IMI’s budget. Most focus on Alzheimer’s disease, the most prevalent cause of dementia, but we also have projects on other dementia causing conditions such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. The projects cover the whole spectrum of medical research and drug development, and patients play an active role in many projects, bringing their knowledge and experience of their disease to the table.

Given the complexity of the brain and nervous system, it is unsurprising that many of our projects are unravelling the role of specific genes and proteins in disease. Other projects are exploring ways of identifying people at greatest risk of developing dementia and on how to improve diagnosis, management and development of novel treatments. We also have projects applying a ‘big data’ approach to progress in the area.

IMI is organising a series of  live sessions on IMI Impact, where key actors will explore the challenges and demonstrate how IMI contributed. During these sessions, we will also share patients’ testimonies, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries of IMI’s funded research.

Furthermore, we hope to engage IMI stakeholders in a broader discussion on IMI’s impact and ask them for their active participation in these live events. With this initiative, we aim to demonstrate the successful IMI model of radical collaboration.

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Draft agenda



Welcome and introduction

by Elisabetta Vaudano, Principal Scientific Manager, IMI


The challenge, the vision and the value


Luc Truyen, Global Head- Development and External Affairs-Neuroscience, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Helen Rochford-Brennan,  Member and past Chair, Alzheimer Europe European Working Group of People with Dementia


How IMI projects have addressed the challenge & 'moved the needle' , Solutions from IMI projects


Carlos Diaz, CEO, SYNAPSE Research Management Partners. S.L, NEURONET

Rachel Steeg, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd, EBISC2

Gill Farrar, Global Medical Leader, GE Healthcare Medical Affairs, AMYPAD


Q&A Time



Closing remarks

by Elisabetta Vaudano, Principal Scientific Manager, IMI


Meet the speakers


Speaker pic_Luc Truyen

Speaker pic_Helen Rochford-Brennan  

Luc Truyen

Global Head- Development

and External Affairs-Neuroscience

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

of Johnson & Johnson

Helen Rochford-Brennan

Member and past Chair

Alzheimer Europe

European Working Group

of People with Dementia


Speaker pic_Carlos Diaz

Speaker pic_Rachel Steeg Speaker pic_Gill Farrar

Carlos Diaz


SYNAPSE Research

Management Partners. S.L


Rachel Steeg 

Project Manager

Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd 

Gill Farrar

Global Medical Leader 

GE Healthcare Medical Affairs  



Moderated by:

Speaker pic_Elisabetta Vaudano


Elisabetta Vaudano

Principal Scientific Manager, IMI