IMI at ICI2013

Start Date 26/08/2013

Moving translational immunology forward through public-private partnership

Over 200 people attended IMI’s symposium at the 15th International Congress of Immunology (ICI2013) on 26 August 2013, in Milan, Italy.

This event focused on public-private partnerships (PPPs) as an innovative way of working which is radically changing research in healthcare and drug development. Bringing together different parties and stakeholders through open collaboration, PPPs are delivering significant results that are set to speed up the development of better, safer treatments for patients.

This symposium brought together leading immunologists from around the world who are pioneering this new way of working. The session focused on case studies demonstrating how PPPs are transforming the translational immunology landscape and accelerating breakthroughs in research and drug development.


About ICI 2013 

The 15th International Congress of Immunology aimed to serve as platform for communication and exchange of the most challenging state-of-the-art research among immunologists. It was also a platform for making lay people, the press and politicians aware of the importance of immunology research for the fight against major diseases, including infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases or allergic diseases. ICI 2013 also provided a unique platform for networking and meeting colleagues, post-doc candidates and mentors.