IMI dinner debate at the European Parliament

Start Date 10/09/2013

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): Putting Europe at the forefront of innovation in drug development

On 10 September 2013 IMI organised a dinner debate in the European Parliament, Strasbourg.

The event, kindly hosted by Petru Luhan MEP, provided a timely opportunity to review IMI’s achievements and discuss how the lessons learnt from the implementation of IMI can be carried forward into Horizon 2020.

The debate focused on:

  • IMI’s contribution towards improving European citizens’ quality of life;
  • IMI’s role in job creation and in boosting the competitiveness of the European biopharmaceutical sector;
  • IMI’s support for the implementation of EU policies and work with patients, medical professionals, researchers and scientists.

Bringing together the views of the European Commission, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and patients’ organisations, this event paved the way for a lively debate with Members of the European Parliament.


  • Petru Luhan, MEP
  • David Byrne, Co-Chair of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM); Former European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection
  • Mary Baker, European Brain Council; President European Federation of Neurological Associations
  • Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Director of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim
  • Roch Doliveux, CEO of UCB, Deputy Chair of the IMI Governing Board
  • Rudolph Strohmeier, Deputy Director-General, Research Programmes, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission; Chair of the IMI Governing Board
  • Antonyia Parvanova, MEP
  • Philippe De Backer, MEP
  • Vittorio Prodi, MEP
  • Maria da Graça Carvalho, MEP
  • Michel Goldman, Executive Director of IMI 

Download the final agenda

This event brought together eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), EU policy-makers and stakeholders in the field of health research - including patient representatives and academics.