IMI and personalised medicine

Start Date 20/03/2013

Over 70 people attended IMI’s workshop entitled Applying open innovation to bring personalised medicine to new disease areas on the afternoon of 20 March in Dublin, Ireland.
The IMI workshop featured presentations demonstrating how IMI projects are working on personalised medicines development in diverse disease areas. A debate gave participants the opportunity to discuss how the IMI projects’ approach to developing personalised medicines could be extended to other disease areas.

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About the EAPM event
IMI’s workshop took place within the framework of a larger conference on Innovation and Patient Access to Personalised Medicine. The conference, organised by the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) under the auspices of the Irish Presidency of the EU Council, attracted well over 100 participants.
The EAPM meeting brought together researchers, patients, physicians, regulators and politicians, to explore the current barriers to access to personalised medicines and discuss how they can be dismantled. Expert panels examined potential ways through the obstacles that Europe currently poses - in relation to clinical trials, the links between diagnosis and treatment, reimbursement, training of healthcare professionals, and sharing of data. IMI Executive Director, Michel Goldman, gave a presentation in the plenary session of the event and also spoke in one of the parallel workshops.
A clear outline was presented of what personalised medicine has achieved to date, and what it can achieve in the future - for patients, for healthcare systems, and for Europe's international competitiveness.
A report on the event will be produced in the near future.