IMI at AD/PD 2015

Start Date 19/03/2015

IMI and its Alzheimer’s disease projects AETIONOMY, EMIF and EPAD held a symposium entitled ‘From data to mechanisms to therapies for patients' at the 12th International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases and Related Neurological Disorders (AD/PD 2015) in Nice, France on Thursday 19 March 2015.

About the session - From data to mechanisms to therapies for patients

It is increasingly recognised that collaboration, between industry, academia, patient groups, regulators and others, is essential if we are to take on the biggest challenges in medical research. This session spotlit how public-private partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic are harnessing the power of collaboration to drive progress in diverse aspects of Alzheimer’s disease research and drug development. In Europe, the AETIONOMY, EMIF and EPAD projects form the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Alzheimer’s Disease Platform, a coherent research platform that will ensure ideas are shared and rapidly turned from data into mechanisms and, ultimately, new therapies for patients. The three IMI projects also work closely with related initiatives, including the UK Dementias Platform and the Global Alzheimer’s Platform.

Agenda & presentations