Diagnostics consultation workshop

Start Date 19/06/2017 End Date 19/06/2017
Brussels, Belgium

Diagnostics for reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), in collaboration with major European diagnostics companies and the Wellcome Trust, held a consultation workshop to discuss 'Diagnostics for reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR)' on 19 June 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

The goals of the workshop were:

  • To consult with the relevant stakeholders on a potential Call for proposals under IMI2 addressing the topic 'Diagnostics for reducing AMR' that would aim at establishing a framework for value-based translation of innovative diagnostics into routine use to reduce AMR.
  • To better understand the challenges and hurdles faced by diagnostic innovators for translation of early-stage products into validation, and value demonstration in primary and clinical healthcare practice.
  • To obtain a better understanding of what evidence is needed from regulators, health technology assessment bodies and payers for implementation and adoption by healthcare systems.

It is expected that the discussions and conclusions of the consultation workshop will feed into a future IMI2 Call for proposals topic. 


Key documents



Session 1: Welcome & setting the scene

The Innovative Medicines Initiative: building new models of collaborative research
Angela Wittelsberger, Innovative Medicines Initiative

Diagnostics to address antimicrobial resistance 
Mark Miller, bioMérieux

The World Health Organisation’s view on in vitro diagnostics for addressing antimicrobial resistance 
Francis Moussy, WHO

The Wellcome Trust’s view on in vitro diagnostics for addressing antimicrobial resistance 
Timothy Jinks, Wellcome Trust Drug Resistant Infections priority program

The European Commission’s view on in vitro diagnostics for addressing antimicrobial resistance 
Arjon Van Hengel, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission


Session 2: Presentation of preliminary plans for a topic under the Innovative Medicines Initiative ‘Diagnostics in AMR’

Implementation of diagnostics 
Volker Liebenberg, Thermo Fisher

Where are the gaps towards a standardised care network? 
Philippe Cleuziat, bioMérieux

Design of a clinical study to demonstrate the value of diagnostics 
Kieran Clarke, Alere