IMI2 JU financial webinar

Start Date 12/05/2017

In order to help IMI2 projects in their financial reporting, IMI will organise a financial webinar on eligibility of costs & reporting on 12 May 2017, from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST (Central European Time/ Brussels time).

The agenda covers the following:

  • Eligibility of costs
  • Reporting in Sofia
  • Questions and answers

Please note that this webinar is for IMI2 project participants only.


Registration for this webinar is free but obligatory.

The deadline for registration is Tuesday 9 May 2017. As places are limited, early registration is recommended.

How to take part in the webinar

IMI uses GoToWebinar for its webinars. When your registration for the webinar is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from GoToWebinar. To join the webinar, simply click on the link in the confirmation e-mail. The GoToWebinar window and control panel will open up. When the presentation starts, you will see it on your screen.

To follow the audio part of the webinar, you can either listen via your computer’s speakers or via telephone. If you want to listen via your computer’s speakers, go to the Audio pane of the control panel and select Computer audio. If you choose this option, we advise you to do a sound check by clicking on ‘Sound Check’ before the start of the webinar – this will ensure that GoToWebinar is picking up the microphone and speakers you are actually using. If you do not do a sound check, you may not be able to hear speakers, and/or we may not be able to hear you if you want to ask a question orally.

To listen over the phone, select Phone call, dial the number given and follow the instructions.

During the webinar, all participants except the presenters will be in mute mode. However, you will be able to send questions via the questions box and raise your hand to attract the organiser's attention.

Technical requirements and troubleshooting

To check your the computer is compatible with the GoToWebinar system, click on this link and join a test session by following the instructions on the screen. This page also has links to troubleshooting tips.