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Strategic Research Agenda

The focus of IMI's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for the period 2014-2024 is on delivering ‘the right prevention and treatment for the right patient at the right time’. The document maintains a strong focus on the develpment of new medicines, and also places a heavy emphasis on tools and methods to speed up patient access to new medicines. It was developed on the basis of extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders.

The SRA identifies four major axes of research:

  1. target validation and biomarker research (efficacy and safety);
  2. adoption of innovative clinical trial paradigms;
  3. innovative medicines;
  4. patient-tailored adherence programmes.

It also sets out the health priorities to be addressed by IMI; these are aligned with the 2013 update of the World Health Organisation’s Priority Medicines for Europe and the World report. The priorities are:

  1. antimicrobial resistance;
  2. osteoarthritis;
  3. cardiovascular diseases;
  4. diabetes;
  5. neurodegenerative diseases;
  6. psychiatric diseases;
  7. respiratory diseases;
  8. immune-mediated diseases;
  9. ageing-associated diseases;
  10. cancer;
  11. rare/orphan diseases;
  12. vaccines.

The new SRA represents an evolution in IMI's priorities. IMI's previous Scientific Research Agenda, which was published in 2011,  set out IMI's priorities for its first phase, which ended in 2013. During this period, and on the basis of the SRA, IMI launched 11 Calls for proposals. Some of these focused on specific health issues such as neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, depression, chronic pain, and autism), diabetes, lung disease, oncology, inflammation & infection, tuberculosis, and obesity. Others focused on broader challenges in drug development like drug and vaccine safety, knowledge management, the sustainability of chemical drug production, the use of stem cells for drug discovery, drug behaviour in the body, the creation of a European platform to discover novel medicines, and antimicrobial resistance. In addition to research projects, IMI launched a number of education and training projects.