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IMI 1st Call 2008

IMI’s first Call for proposals was launched on 30 April 2008 and attracted almost 150 Expressions of Interest (EoIs). The best Applicant Consortia from Stage 1 of the Call were invited to progress to Stage 2 and form joint project teams with the respective industry consortia. Following a thorough review by independent experts, 15 Full Project Proposals (FPPs) were selected to receive funding worth a total of €246 million.

Details of the successful projects were announced in May 2009. More information on all IMI projects can be found here.

Independent observers monitored the evaluation of both stages of the Call for proposals. Download their reports of Stage 1  and Stage 2

The list of experts involved the evaluation of Stages 1 and 2 of the first Call for proposals is available here

Stage 1 - documents and procedures

Based on the recommendations of the IMI Research Agenda, the IMI Governing Board approved the IMI Annual Implementation Plan 2008, including the Scientific Priorities for 2008. These priorities were developed into the IMI 1st Call Topics (see information package below). The implementation of these Priorities was decided by the IMI Governing Board at its meeting on 29 April 2008.

Applicants intending to submit an Expression of Interest in response to the IMI 1st Call were advised to read the Guide for Applicants, the Call Topics, the Rules for Participation, the Rules for Submission, evaluation and selection of EoIs and proposals, the IMI IPR rules and the IMI JU model grant agreement.

Identifier: IMI_Call_2008_1
Publication Date: 30 April 2008
Budget: a maximum financial contribution from the European Community to the IMI JU for the support of research activities of €122.7 million, subject to confirmation following the adoption of the Amending Budget 3/2008, and an indicative in-kind contribution by the research based companies that are members of EFPIA of €172.5 million
Call status: Closed
Restrictions for Participation: see the Rules for Participation
Restrictions for Funding: see eligibility criteria to receive funding in the Rules for Participation
Selection of Expressions of Interest and proposals: see Rules for Submission, evaluation and selection of EoIs and proposals
Model Grant agreement: The model grant agreement of the IMI Joint Undertaking is currently under development and will be made available on this site upon adoption.
Compliance with ethical issues: information is available on

Information Package: Contains the key documents required for the preparation of Expression of Interest (EoI) in compressed form.

  • IMI Guide for Applicants with application forms (Word file)
  • IMI 1st Call Topics (pdf file)
  • IMI Rules for Participation (pdf file)
  • IMI Rules for Submission, evaluation and selection of EoIs and proposals (pdf file)
  • IMI Evaluation form Stage 1 (pdf file)
  • IMI IPR Rules (pdf file)
  • Download ZIP file

Please note: The information contained in the call documents is subject to confirmation following the adoption of the Financial Rules and the model Grant Agreement of the IMI Joint Undertaking.

Opening of period for submitting EoIs: 1 June 2008
Deadline for submission of EoIs: 15 July 2008 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Only the IMI electronic submission tool could be used for submitting an Expression of Interest in response to a topic from the 1st IMI Call; no other means of submission were accepted.

Stage 2 - documents and procedures

Further to the reception and evaluation of Expressions of Interest (EoIs) in the first stage of IMI’s 1st Call, the IMI Governing Board decided to continue with the second stage of the process. Accordingly, the successful Applicant Consortia from Stage 1 were invited to form Full Consortia with the corresponding EFPIA project participants and to prepare and submit Full Project Proposals (FPPs) to IMI before 20 January 2009.

In addition to the ‘IMI JU Rules for Submission, evaluation and selection of EoIs and proposals’ and the ‘IMI JU Rules for participation’, the following documents relate to the preparation and evaluation of FPPs:

Independent experts evaluated the FPPs during February and May 2009. Following this peer review, 15 FPPs were selected to receive funding, totalling an investment of €246 million.